Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French galimafree stew
Date: circa 1556
: HODGEPODGE "a gallimaufry of opinions"


Scary Go Round- John Allison is your secret scary friend.

Questionable Content- Jeph will make you laugh so hard you'll soil your Fuel jeans.

Wigu- I am made of poison!

Homestar Runner- If you're looking at this page, you probably already know, but if I omitted it, I'd be remiss.

Get Fuzzy- Funny, funny, monkey-eating humor.

  • Nickelodeon Theatre- Columbia's art-house theatre. Sure most of the movies suck, but going there is a surefire way to build hipster cred.

  • Philosophy Now- Online Philosophy magazine. Helps me keep my brain sharp while dealing with blunt instruments.